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The Orchard

What are we are growing?


The Orchard is home to a diverse range of heritage fruit trees including apple, pear, cherry, plum, greengage, damson, medlar, mulberry, walnut and quince. The selection of fruit trees has been carefully curated to include both local Oxfordshire and national heritage varieties with a focus on preserving and celebrating many old forgotten varieties.

We planted over 50 fruit trees in Autumn/Winter 2023/24. Each of the trees selected has its own history and story to tell. You can read more about each of the trees here

A hedge of wild harvest shrubs such as blackthorn, blackberry, elderberry, hazelnut, wild cherry and crab apple has been planted to support wildlife as well as provide a hedge for foraging.

The plot is beautiful in its own right but in Spring 2024 we plan to plant a wildflower, nectar patch to increase the variety of wildflowers to attract bees, butterflies, moths and insects, important for pollinating the fruit trees and encouraging biodiversity.

Please Note

The terms of our lease do not allow animals in the Orchard, so sorry, but no dogs permitted.

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