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Williams Bon Chretien

Heritage Pear

Williams Bon Chretien


Heritage Pear





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Bon Chrêtien pears were known by the Romans, and in the 16th century were considered the best pear of all. The name is derived from ‘good christian’ and the various Bon Chrêtien pears were often called that in England. Williams’ Bon Chrêtien was raised by Dr John Stair, a schoolmaster at Aldermaston, near Reading in 1770 and introduced by a nurseryman called Williams. In 1797 it was taken to America and planted on the estate of Thomas Brewer. In 1817 Brewer's estate was taken over by Enoch Bartlett, who named the tree after himself, having forgotten the true name. In America it is still known as the Bartlett Pear. It is sweet, juicy and very soft when ripe, with a musky flavour. It does not store. It will grow passably well on a north wall and crops regularly.

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