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Heritage Pear



Heritage Pear


Mid September



Planting Position


Planted in our Orchard to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III (funded by the Coronation Living Heritage Fund). Trained as an espalier and selected for its hardy nature and tolerance of shaded positions. Said to be an old Norfolk pear, but it has also been long known in Lincolnshire, Rutland and Nottinghamshire, as revealed by the account of Thomas Hitt in 1755. He says it is also known as August, Muscat, Averat, Hanvelle, Royal and ‘The French King’s Favourite Pear’. It ripens in the middle of September, and is roundish but narrow towards the stalk and full at the eye. He adds “Tis less than the common Orange Bergamy, but its flesh is breaking, like them, and its juice is very highly perfumed, it bears in large clusters, and in great plenty, either against a wall or on dwarfs”. Small in size and bright red cheeked, hence the name. Though ripe in the middle of September, it can be stored. Sweet, juicy and tasty.

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