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Newton Wonder

Apple – National Heritage

Newton Wonder


Apple – National Heritage


Mid October



Planting Position


There are two stories of the origin. One says it was found as a seedling by an innkeeper, growing in the thatch roof of the Hardinge Arms pub, King's Newton, Derbyshire, in the 1870s - presumably the result of a pip dropped by a bird. Another says it was raised by Mr Taylor of King's Newton, as a cross between Dumelow's Seedling (Wellington) and Blenheim Orange. It was introduced by Pearson & Co, of Nottingham, around 1887 when it received a first-class certificate from the RHS. A late season dual purpose apple which cooks to a creamy purée and makes good baked apples and mincemeat. The large fruits are good for dessert when fully ripe in late October. Popular in the North as it is very hardy and resistant to disease. It has heavy crops -1,840 pounds of fruit were once recorded from one tree. The apples will store until March. An attractive, spreading tree

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