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Meadfoot Pear (Oxon variety)

Heritage Pear

Meadfoot Pear (Oxon variety)


Heritage Pear


Mid October



Planting Position


An old variety, the original name of which is obscure and unlikely to be discovered. Found in the garden of Mr and Mrs Peter Clarke of Benson, Oxfordshire, which also contained the Golden Russet and Meadfoot Wonder apples. Their house was built within a mature orchard in 1928. This is a very interesting small to medium sized pear, with a covering of thin, warmly coloured russet, rounded but often asymmetric in shape and with a markedly oblique stalk. The flesh is white, crisp, very sweet, juicy and good to eat in mid October, when crisp, but by the end of October it melts down to a fine buttery texture, having developed a rich flavour. Mr Clarke imparts that the pears are also excellent when stewed, when still crisp.

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