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James Grieve

Apple – National Heritage

James Grieve


Apple – National Heritage


Mid September



Planting Position


Planted in our Orchard to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III (funded by the Coronation Living Heritage Fund). Trained as an espalier and selected for its hardy nature and tolerance of shaded positions. James Grieve was the manager of Dickson’s Nurseries, of Edinburgh. He introduced this mid-season, dual-purpose apple in 1893. Considered by some to be a cooker when grown in the north and dessert when grown in the south. When eaten for dessert the fruit is crisp and juicy, with an unremarkable flavour; cooked it keeps all shape, but would mash. It can go a little dry after cooking, and is somewhat sharp and might want sugar, but is very rich and tangy. Still popular in Scotland, the tree is hardy, crops well and has striking pink and white blossom. It is ripe in mid-September and stores until November.

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