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Charles Ross

Apple – National Heritage

Charles Ross


Apple – National Heritage


Mid September



Planting Position


A classic late Victorian, medium sized apple which is used as a dessert apple but is also a useful cooking variety. Raised by Charles Ross, who was the head gardener at Welford Park in Berkshire from 1860 until 1908. He crossed Cox's Orange Pippin, and an older English cooking apple called Peasgood Nonsuch, and selected various apples as a result. Charles Ross was his first selection, first exhibited in 1890 and given this name in 1899. It is lightly aromatic, very sweet and juicy, with a firm texture, delicious to eat raw, and keeping its shape when cooked. The flavour is quite sharp in September but sweetens if you keep it. It will keep until December but is best consumed earlier. Being quite large and juicy it is a good variety for making apple juice.

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