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Black Mulberry, Morus Nigra

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Black Mulberry, Morus Nigra


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The Black Mulbury, Morus nigra, also Known as the ‘King James’ Mulberry Tree is an old English variety with a royal pedigree. A descendent from the last remaining tree that was planted during the reign of King James I, at what is now known as the Chelsea Physic Garden. The original tree no longer stands (it was felled to make way for an air raid shelter in the Second World War), but fortunately cuttings were taken. A spreading, medium sized tree with heart shaped foliage which starts off bright green and turns golden yellow in autumn.  Produces unusually large and succulent fruit, dark red almost black with an intensely rich flavour. Can be eaten fresh from the tree or add sugar, cook, seive and pour over ice cream! The fruit is best harvested daily between August and September. Small fluffy green catkins add extra interest in May and June

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