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Bampton Fairing

Apple - Oxfordshire Heritage

Bampton Fairing


Apple - Oxfordshire Heritage


Mid September



Planting Position


An old Oxfordshire variety, also called Bamfairs. It takes its name from the long-standing tradition of it being ripe on the day of the Bampton Fair, where it was sold. Ripe in early September, the medium sized apples are deep red over pale green, with numerous starry dots. It is crisp, juicy, sweet, and tangy. The apples will store for a few weeks. The last known old tree is owned by Mr and Mrs Harris of Lovegrove’s Farm, Fordwells. The family of Mrs Olive Harris have lived there since 1836; her grandfather, who had the tree, died in 1915, and the tree is now well over 100 years old, modest in size but healthy and a good bearer.

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