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Adams' Pearmain

Apple – National Heritage

Adams' Pearmain


Apple – National Heritage


Early October



Planting Position


A distinctive late season, high quality dessert apple which was one of the most popular varieties in Victorian England. Originally either from Norfolk or Herefordshire (where it was known as the Hanging Pearmain). The London Horticultural Society received scions for grafting from a Mr Adams, and it was recorded in the first collection catalogue of the LHS in 1826.
A lovely white, pink tipped blossom in the spring and a dark green leaf. The apples have a rich, aromatic, slightly nutty taste and a crisp texture when fresh. Typical of Pearmain varieties, the fruits are conical/pear-like shaped. They are medium-sized apples and deep yellow, with red streaks often covering most of the apple, and with variable amounts of russeting. They store well, and can be kept until March, though they tend to shrink.

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