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Czar Plum

Plums, Gages & Damsons

 Czar Plum


Plums, Gages & Damsons


Early August



Planting Position


A culinary plum variety which is a cross of Prince Englebert and Early Rivers. It crops heavily and reliably. Medium sized dark purple fruits that have a light blue bloom and very fine dots on the skin. Flesh is yellow green, not very sweet but quite a good flavour that's delicious when cooked into desserts, jams and cakes, also good for bottling. Clusters of stunning large white flowers in the spring. It was raised by Rivers of Sawbridge, Hertfordshire during the 19th Century. First fruited in 1871. Named in honour of Tsar Alexander II of Russia, who visited Britain in 1874, the last Russian head of state to visit before President Putin in 2003. It received an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1993.

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