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What is a Community Orchard?

What's happening?

What is the Charity?

Can I get involved?

Welcome to Clanfield Community Orchard...

Clanfield Community Orchard is a new project to transform a half-acre plot into a thriving Orchard. It aims to provide a beautiful green space for the local community to enjoy.

Whether you want to use the space as a quiet place for contemplation or take part in a Wassail, Village Blossom Picnic or share in the fun and games of Apple Day, we hope there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

What is it?

A Community Orchard is exactly what it sounds like – a collection of fruit trees cared for and shared by the local community.

Where is it?

We have been lucky enough to secure a wonderful site for the Orchard in the heart of the village. You will find Clanfield Community Orchard in Linton Field, next to the Old Foundry. It is accessible from the Upper Green on Main Street by a wooden pedestrian footbridge.

Can I get involved?

Definitely! You can help put the Community in Community Orchard. We are looking for volunteers to help create and maintain the Orchard as well as to help with social media, manage our website, run events and generally make the Community Orchard a place which benefits our village. Sign up to our mailing list to receive details of volunteering opportunities.

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