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Oxford Beauty

Apple - Oxfordshire Heritage

Oxford Beauty


Apple - Oxfordshire Heritage


Mid Sesptember



Planting Position


In the 1920s and 30’s, Frederick W. Wastie, bred many apples at his nursery at Eynsham, near Oxford. His son J. Frederick Wastie continued to breed fruit and introduced some of his father’s apples. Oxford Beauty was raised in 1924 from a cross between Gascoyne’s Scarlet and Scarlet Nonpareil or Nonpareil. The skin is pale yellow, with a deep red blush and pale dots, sometimes extending over most of the apple. The apples are crisp, juicy and sweet, with a fair amount of acid and a strong flavour, including a hint of strawberries. Ripe in late September or early October, the apples will last for several weeks. Trees have a spreading habit.

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